Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural lift and sculpt Moringa cleansing balm

This product has been raved about for the last few weeks and I love balm consistencies, so after hearing great things about it I ordered one last week. I've been using this every day since, morning and night, and I absolutely love it! I got the 'Professional cleansing system' which contains the Moringa balm (100ml) Rosehip exfoliating seeds and the 'Dual Action' cleansing cloth. I'll be doing a separate review of the Rosehip exfoliating seeds because they deserve one of their own!

So... It's basically a hydrating botanical cleansing balm. You can also leave it on as a mask and apply the balm to lips, cuticles, and dry areas of your skin so it's a multi use balm. It contains Moringa seeds, wild sea fennel and vitamin E to 'balance, purify and minimise the appearance of open pores'. It also contains orange, neroli, mandarin extracts, jasmine and rose which 'revitalise dull, dry, dehydrated and mature skins'. That was long...! The first thing I've got to say is it smells sooo good! It's a herbal, relaxing scent which is perfect after a long day at work.

You're supposed to mix the balm with water to create a cream and apply it to your face. It's great doing it that way but I also like using the This Works 5 in 1 cleansing water to take the majority of my makeup off, and then do a second cleanse with the Moringa balm. I feel it can work more into my skin that way. I massage the balm into my skin using a small amount and then take the cleansing cloth, run it under warm water and wipe over my face. It melts into the skin so easily. Even if you think you've removed all your make up, you could be wrong! It takes all my makeup off like a dream and leaves my skin looking and feeling so clean and soft. It doesn't leave an oily film either.

The packaging feels so luxurious and it's such a treat to use. I usually hate taking my makeup off but I actually look forward to it because this has made it so easy and it doesn't feel so much like a chore! I would definitely recommend this product for any skin type, especially if you have dehydrated skin like myself. I can't say how much I love this product! I don't want to be without it! I feel like its going to last me ages with 100ml of product. We shall see...

I got the Cleansing system from Feel Unique for £42 but the balm on its own is £34. So worth the money! And yes.. i would 100% repurchase!

Have you tried the Moringa Balm yet?

Friday, 3 August 2012

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 'Rose Passion'

A few weeks ago I was having a read through some blogs and I came across Georgia's post on this lipstick. It looked beautiful! I was on one of my regular trips to Boots (I don't just shop in boots) and I saw these lipsticks and remembered Georgia's post. So I snapped one up in no. 160 'Rose Passion'. As soon as I got home I tried it on and loveddd the colour and the feel of it on my lips. It's pillarbox red. So pretty. I never usually wear a red lip but I would definitely wear this on a night out rather than during the day. It's a lovely formula, really creamy and definitely moisturising. It's quite sheer because of the moisturising properties so although it's fairly matt, i like the sheen it gives. It lasts quite well on my lips. It does bleed a little and is quite messy to apply but nothing that a lip liner can't sort out. This is my second drug store lipstick and probably the best one out of the two so i'd definitely recommend.

 The packaging is nice, it does feel cheap but the lipstick itself is worth the £6.29 price tag.
Check it out here

What do you think of these lipsticks? Have you tried them?

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