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Hey lovelies,
I'm Megan, a 22 year old hairdresser from Bristol, with a passion for anything beauty related. I've always had a thing for makeup and hair since I can remember so i always knew what i wanted to do as a career. The company I work for is a salon and spa, so I have everything I love under one roof! 
 I moved to Bristol just over a year and a half ago with my boyfriend and i absolutely love it! It took me a while to get used to living in the middle of a city after coming from the countryside!

After being addicted to the world of beauty blogging, I decided to create my own blog to share my obsession with other beauty lovers out there.                               

This is going to be my little place where i share my thoughts on products, things that are currently on my wishlist, ' do 'makeup's of the day', as well as general day to day ramblings!       



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